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Tell us now: “freaking finally!” The world in general seems perfectly fine to use with the N270 and N280 Atom CPU to the rest of eternity (in terms of the current netbook sales anyway), but technophiles like us are sick and tired of paddling the same chip with low power functions and the same mediocre. Finally, we believe that Intel is expected to be announced officially Pine Road platform in late December with a number of netbooks in the new chips Hit The Floor Pineview CES in January. The Atom N450 1.66 GHz, 1.66 GHz dual-core Atom Atom D510 and D410 are on the show, with the existing N270 and N280 journey to the grave in an urgent fashion. Good Riddance, we say.

If the Intel Core i7 begun to identify the market, many fans were disappointed that the platform supports a maximum of 1.65 V to the RAM hit. This means that users should get the new store with the new platform. Intel is now the new official i5-core CPU and RAM Kingston has announced to go with the new platform.

Kingston today announced new 2133MHz HyperX kit of RAM that the platform supports Core i5 Core i7 platform. RAM speed is achieved, prepared at 1.65 V and 2133MHz XMP. The kit 4GB Dual Channel is the first on the new platform, with reports from Kingston 2133MHz market.

The 4GB 2133MHz CL8 Kingston-8-8-24 Kit 1.65 sold for $ 395. A kit 4GB 2133MHz cheaper CL9-9-9-27 latencies is available for € 270th Kingston sells the kit to 8GB of 2133MHz speed in September for 64-bit operating systems.

Intel Pine Trail Atom N450 delayed to 1H10?

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Pino Trail Intel platform to replace the current Diamond Ville Netbook / nettop architecture, can be delayed until the first half of 2010, so that the suppliers. According to DigiTimes Research principal analyst Joanne Chien, Intel Atom N450 has expanded since its inception, the schedule Q4 2009 for the current Netbook solved.

Dog requires that the numbers in the world shipping Netbook T3 peak this year, 8.347m piece before something T4 of 8194 m units. But that depends on Q2 2009 to 7296 m units. The supplier of PC systems are equipped with the new 45nm chipset Pine Trail, may well exist and profitability press N270/N280 cheaper processors before the N450.

Pino Trail is part of the graph in the processor with the memory controller, and the introduction of a new chipset with Tiger E / S, including SATA, USB 2.0, PCI Express and Intel HD Audio. He also promises to reduce the power supply, which means more time for implementation, be it with the same benefits as the existing systems of atoms, or more, without loss of performance in the execution.

Intel SSD is a hard drive with 320 GB to strengthen 34nm process, a layoff is imminent. According to data published in the Canadian retail RedFlagDeals forums, the new “Postville” SSDs will be cheaper than before, but the units have a higher yield of manufacturers of SSDs.

Notes three sizes are offered, including 80 GB, 160 GB and 320 GB, and everything is halogen free and provide 128-bit AES. Buffer zone of 32 MB on the wear of the tip, such as a 90MB / s sequential write.

It is also the improvement of statistics and NVQ unit advanced features such as aggregation. During this time, the workstation / server versions are detected more rapidly than the consumer models. No official word from Intel, but the 80GB SSD Postville has two locations, a price of $ 275 and $ 261.94.

Intel has increased its efforts to appease industry Culver (consumption extremely low voltage), called “Ultra-Thin” instead Netbook cellphone, with the gaps of this, the irony, usually on the basis of the equity of the company Atom N270 processor. Speaking at the conference of the profit from Intel Tuesday, CEO Paul Otellini as extremely dilute “an affordable laptop with more features [a Netbook].”

He also denied that the Netbook ate in the contract revenue Intel pointed out that “we are in a total amount of a cannibalisation, probably not more than 20 percent.” Instead, he suggested that the stimulus, the extremely diluted CULVER is to meet the demand of users and not be disappointed if people try these things in 3D games (Netbook), or attempt to office applications, ” Otellini said, “the tendency to believe that it is a bit slow, and that not only the processor, the entire architecture. ”

What the financial results from Intel itself, strong sales of chips in the series that the Atom N270 and, more generally, in the Z series is an important element for the good news this week. Loss of net profit stood at $ 1.0bn, but nuclear programs by 65 percent over the previous quarter.

Excited by the prospect of Intel Nehalem is on your mobile device? This May, the benefits in October. So if the latest version of the processor at this point is valid.

The quad-core chips were first set out an exemption, but it seems that in early September or October might be at that time. We do not know why the early release was rejected, but what we know, are just some of the requirements.

For example, the mobile version of Nehalem is a real opportunity for pork and 45W from three versions available, at least initially, P1, including 1.6 GHz, 2 GHz and 1.73GHz Extreme P2. Additional features include automatic overclocking and hyperthreading.

Intel is the suspicion that their rules are relaxed Netbook on probation, the manufacturers offer higher resolution on Intel Atom N-series models. After HKEPC, Intel has reached the maximum level of resolution 1024 x 600 up to 1366 x 768, as we have seen in the recent announcement from Sony VAIO W.

Prior to all companies that use a higher resolution group has been forced to choose between the Intel Atom-Series Z-Series. Every model with a processor of the N-Series – First, the N270, then on the N280 – was the subject of a more stringent on Intel as well attempt to create division between Netbook and notebook computers.

The changes will not affect the size of the screen is still 10.2-inches. This limitation was a possible cause for the penalty for Intel Lenovo and Samsung preferential treatment to the reduction of N-series of prices, as the producer of more than Netbook 10.2-inch panels.

Intel Lenovo and Samsung have attested by the cancellation of their preferential price Atom chip, after the two companies broke Intel Netbook restrictions. According to industry sources, Samsung provides a series of atomic Netbook using the N-ion and an NVIDIA chipset 11.6 inch – probably Samsung N510 – to the end of this month is against Intel limits the size of the screen, the company (with Microsoft ) of only 10.2 inches or less.

During this time is that Lenovo victim of the same penalties after a 12-inch Netbook with Intel Atom N270, in the past month. The Lenovo S12 – The recently captured by the camera – NVIDIA offers ion, which is a direct competitor of Intel’s low power chipset in the Netbook.

Some sources indicate that Intel has already canceled preferential rate, the two companies benefited from the Intel processor N270, but refused by the citation of “Privacy.” It is possible that this more with Intel is trying to stamp on the use of ions instead of respecting the rules Netbook size.

Intel is in the process, to announce an agreement for the provision of mobile processors from Nokia, according to an anonymous Bloomberg. The Agreement should be today, in a telephone conference with Anand Chandrasekhar, Senior Vice President of Intel ultra mobility group, Intel has confirmed that only they have an “important announcement” to be done.

What is now clear, it is the kind of Intel chips, the supply of Nokia. CEO of the company said that it was a change in the notebook segment Netbook or not indicate whether such a device in the form of a conventional 3G to a laptop or something more unusual, MID or UMPC.

It seems that Nokia will use the Intel Moorestown platform, should be in 2010 or – in future – your platform for smartphones, the Medfield pencil the 2011th Analysts temporary positive impact on the possibilities for agreement, but remains vague doubts about whether a product with Intel Nokia really:

“It is a great display, is a kind of key. The only question now is whether to leave with a product,” Jim McGregor, analyst from In-Stat

Intel has announced a series of rebranding CPU to simplify the programming, with particular emphasis on the “Intel Core” and the prefix for the transition from the Centrino brand, the company products Wi-Fi and WiMAX. I3 Core Core i7 and Core i5 replace Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, where the different functions, a certain amount of confusion, some processors in the slot i-prefix different categories according to their abilities.

For example, the processor is an Intel Core Lynnfield next chip, but they have several models in the slot i5 or i7 segments. In general, a chip input i3, i5 is a chip on the i7 and the pride is at a high level of the processor. Not all changes, however, that the Pentium and Celeron brands nesting cover in the initial class and cost-effective basis for calculating fixed.

Finally, one of the most popular chips in the last twelve months, on the atom also survive, and the vPro technology will be offered in some i5 and i7 chips. There is also a new category that appears below the logo, Intel Core, which indicates whether the feature-packed or not

Intel Core i7 950 and Extreme 975 appear

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You have to adapt their endurance Intel: if you’re not from some shade of AMD in business practice, then the file with the new high-end processors. Two new Core i7 chips in order to have the Intel Core i7 Extreme 974 and Core i7 950, replacement for the 965 and 941 chips, respectively.

The Core i7 Extreme 975 processor is the fastest consumer on Nehalem quad-core chip with a clock frequency of 3.32GHz and 8 MB shared L3 cache. There will be between $ 1101 and $ 1138th

During this time, the Intel Core i7 950 with 3.06GHz clock and consists of 8 MB of L3 cache shared. There is a slightly more affordable (but only in comparison to 974) $ 648. After all the PC retailers, the two chips are at 31 May.

Intel Nehalem-based Xeon processors launched

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We have heard for a while now, but Intel has officially extended the availability of its on Nehalem Xeon processors today. Although for the first time in the Mac Pro processors are now available in a wide range of products.

These new processors support HyperThreading and Turbo Boost function increases the frequency and outside the kernel, leading to an increase in overall performance.

The Xeon 5500 is the price of $ 176 for dual-core 1.87 GHz to 1599 $ for the quad-core processors with speeds up to 3.2 GHz. There is also a Xeon 3500 in three different models from 2.66 to 3.2 GHz. The price for these range from $ 274 to $ 998th The Xeon processors are now available on the HP and Dell Precision Z800.

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