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Epson MovieMate 72 HD Projector

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Another projector on the cool gadgets list is the Epson MovieMate 72.  This projector is a portable high-definition (720p) projector combined with DVD and music playing capability.   Furthermore, the projector can display a 120 inch projector screen at a throw distance of 10 feet.   The Epson projector is rated a perfect 5 stars out of 5 from 36 buyers at Amazon.  Available Now (39% off) at Amazon with Free Shipping.
Cool Tech Gadgets: Epson MovieMate 72

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

From the Manufacturer The Epson MovieMate™ 72 is a portable, high definition projector, DVD and music player combo that delivers 720p, big-screen entertainment wherever you want – whether in the living room, at your neighbor’s or even outdoors. Integrating a portable, high-quality projector, a DVD/CD player and stereo speakers all in one simple unit, Epson MovieMate 72 lets you take home entertainment virtually anywhere. Just plug Epson MovieMate 72 into an electrical outlet and you can watch a DVD, play a video game or view your favorite photos. Its progressive scan DVD player enhances standard DVDs so you can view them in true hi def 720p resolution. Besides being easy to use, the MovieMate 72 is fully featured to also connect a variety of video, audio and computer devices, including hi-def HDMI. MovieMate 72 works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies up to eight times larger than they would appear on a 40-inch widescreen TV. In fact, it displays an 80-inch, widescreen image from just 6.5 feet away, or a 120-inch image from just 10 feet away.

Incredibly versatile: Just plug—load—and play! Innovative swivel base lets you load DVDs from the front or rear.

Everything You Need.
MovieMate 72 sets up easily — all you need is an electrical outlet. There are no additional cables or equipment required. Wherever you entertain, MovieMate 72 is sure to amaze any audience with large, vibrant 720p images, made possible by its 3-chip, 3LCD technology. MovieMate 72 is incredibly versatile too. While designed to view DVD movies, Epson MovieMate 72 can also be connected to a variety of other video, audio and computer devices. It’s compatible with Apple® iPod,® Nintendo® Wii,™ Sony® Playstation® 3,Microsoft® Xbox 360® and computers.

Take the show on the road.
Enjoy MovieMate 72 just about anywhere – it can be moved from room to room, taken on vacation, to parties, or back to school! Try it outside for a backyard theater experience. Experience all the action with great built-in sound from four 5 watt Dolby® Digital speakers with DTS® Digital Surround. The MovieMate 72 projects both traditional 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen formats. Swivel its innovative base for convenient DVD loading front or rear. For even easier placement of MovieMate 72, you can shift the lens up or down without distorting the image so you don’t need to place the projector exactly opposite the middle of the projection surface.

The best seats in (or out of) the house.

More Fun Ways to Use MovieMate 72

While designed for watching DVD movies almost anywhere, you can also connect a variety of other devices to MovieMate 72 for even more entertainment options. You may want to experience the best seats out of the house and set up a backyard theater. There are inflatable and portable screens on the market to project onto, but even the wall of the garage can work!

Incredibly versatile for connecting to a variety of electronic equipment

MovieMate 72 is so versatile; try these other applications and multiply the fun!

  • Videogames: Enjoy a much more immersive experience when videogames are super-sized. Connect a Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 videogame console and play larger-than-life videogames.
  • Photo slideshows: Remember the old carousel slide projector and family viewing of vacation slides? Seeing loved ones on the big screen created something magical. For an updated version of this, use a photo CD or flash/thumb drive to run a looping slideshow of photos. You can even play a background soundtrack with music files stored on the same drive.
  • Apple iPod™: Project videos and play songs from your favorite playlists.
  • External high definition video sources: View images from an HD cable or satellite TV receiver, HD DVR or HD camcorder using the HDMI video connection.
  • PC or Mac: Display content stored on a computer.

You’ll see bright natural colors that pop off the screen using 3-chip 3LCD technology and 1200 lumens of color and white light output. The 140 W Ultra High Efficiency E-TORL® lamp projects light more efficiently, maximizing brightness throughout the lamp’s life.


  • Projects a 16:9 widescreen 80-inch image from only 6 ½ feet away or a 120-inch image from just 10 feet away
  • Built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player with resolution of 720p
  • 1200 lumens of color light output and white light output [brightness]*
  • Four 5W speakers with DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital
  • Compatible witih Apple® iPod® Nintendo® Wii™ Sony® PS3™ and Microsoft® Xbox 360™
  • Connector ports for composite video; audio L/R; computer VGA; USB; S-video; HDMI; sub-woofer; stereo headphone jack; and optical audio out
  • Native 720p (1280 x 720) resolution
  • Aspect Ratio: Native 16:9 widescreen (4:3 resize); compatible with 4:3 and 2.35:1 video formats
  • 140 W UHE (Ultra High Efficiency) E-TORL lamp with up to 3000 hours of lamp life**
  • 3LCD technology with a 3-chip optical engine for bright, natural colors
  • 5 Color Modes [user-selectable]: Dynamic, Livingroom, Theater, Theater Black and Game
  • Zoom ratio: Optical 1.5x
  • Two-year limited warranty; 90 days limited lamp warranty
  • Two years of toll-free, priority technical support plus Extra CareSM; Home Service

* Light output varies depending on modes [color and white light output]. ** Lamp life results vary depending upon mode selected; environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

What’s in the Box
Epson MovieMate 72 Projector, AC power cord, glow-in-the-dark remote control plus batteries, Quick Guide, CD with User’s Guide, component video adapter cable and height adjustment riser.

Product Description

The ultimate high-definition projector, DVD and music player combo, Epson MovieMate 72 takes big-screen entertainment to a new level with precision 720p resolution. Enjoy larger-than-life entertainment. It’s the all-in-one product with built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and four 5 W Dolby® 5.1 DTS® stereo speakers. Epson MovieMate 72 displays standard DVDs in even more detail at high-definition 720p resolution. It projects images up to eight times larger than on a 40-inch, widescreen TV. Simply plug it in and let the fun begin. There are no additional cables or equipment to hook up. Epson MovieMate 72 has an unique swivel base for versatile DVD loading. It delivers natural colors and bright, vibrant images with 3-chip 3LCD technology. Use Epson MovieMate 72 for videogames, movies and more. It works with your Apple® iPod,® Nintendo® Wii,™ Sony® PS3™ or Microsoft® Xbox 360™ video game system for more entertainment options. Connect it to high-definition devices via HDMI for even more entertainment value. Epson MovieMate 72 displays an 80-inch, widescreen image from just 6 1/2 feet away, or a 120-inch image from just 10 feet away

NEC NP115 Value Series Projector

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NEC adds the new NP115 projector to its NP Value Series, replacing the NP110 and joining the NP215. Designed for growing small-to-medium businesses and education environments, the NP115 is ideal for mobile applications such as classrooms with portable carts or conference rooms where ultra-affordable and lightweight units are a must.

The NEC NP115 is based on DLP technology and features 800×600 resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 2500 lumens brightness, up to 5000 hours of lamp life, BrilliantColor technology. The projector also include 3D-Ready DLP Link technology and built-in wall color correction presets.

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