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Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Posted by igadget On December - 25 - 2010

To highlight the significance of today, I thought it will good to add a little humor. Actually, the inspector gadget shows were one of my favorite cartoon series growing up as a kid. I don’t remember this particular one about saving Christmas though. The dvd is rated an average of 4 stars out of 5 from 9 buyers at Amazon.    Available Now at Amazon with Free Shipping.

Cool Tech Gadgets: Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas DVD Description

The evil Dr. Claw has thrown Santa down a manhole and hypnotized the elves into breaking the very toys they’ve just been making. It’s a job for Inspector Gadget (voiced by Don Adams in his irrepressible Get Smart mode) with a big hand from his whip-smart niece Penny and her brainy dog. The trio heads up to the North Pole to rescue the big red guy, cheerfully butcher a Christmas song or two, and restore Yuletide order. Kids ages 3 and older will enjoy the hijinks as the bumbling inspector arrests the real Santa for impersonation and uses his jet propeller hat, spring legs, and other gadgets to great effect in Santa’s workshop. This 23-minute video won’t teach the kids their ABCs, but it’s a lot of fun and there’s something endearing about Penny’s efforts to help her clueless uncle.

Product Description

There’s trouble at the North Pole… and Doctor Claw, Inspector Gadget’s nefarious arch-nemesis, is behind it! By capturing Santa Claus and programming all the Elves into drones, Claw hopes to ruin Christmas. Inspector Gadget is sent to investigate and takes a perilous tour of the Workshop with Santa’s replacement – Santa Claw! Will Claw succeed in his diabolical plan or will Gadget, with a little help from Penny and the Brain, save Christmas and bring joy back to the world?

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