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Garmin Nuvi 765T

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Garmin Nuvi 765T

Nuvi 765T is the next level og Nuvi 760. Main upgrades of the 760 are:

- Device has 4GB internal memory (previously 2), about 1.5Gb free which is enough for everything else
- device supports faster transmission through USBja (see picture)
- much faster file and print-out operation,
- support for 3D object on the map (even a few buildings in the LJ and MB quickly).
- grading bands (that I will look tomorrow, because I go abroad),
- support Panoramio pictures
- some corrections and additions in BT

Only few days ago, Panasonic introduced their upgrade to the DMC-ZS3 we liked a lot, been to the new DMC-Blog ZS7 juice and the opportunity to take some pictures from one to the wild ‘. The changes are evolutionarily here especially with the same impressive 25 – 300mm 12x zoom on the forehead and even Lite 720p AVCHD recording mode. Recently, however, is a GPS module is located in the upper part, it automatically detects your photos to the SD slot to accept the cards SDXC, and it seems that the mode switch to a natural position of the left trigger is moved . Still no word on price, but we hope it never falls far from its previous $ 399 MSRP.

Just yesterday we learned from this animal WinMo 6.5.3 ladies and gentlemen, from Taiwan and can sign up for themselves, until from the Delivery 6 February. The new site will soon confirmed our previous forecast of a 3.5-inch WVGA display and 5 megapixel camera, while adding knowledge about the 512 MB of RAM and ROM, plus MicroSD memory expansion. A relatively low-end CPU 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM) 7227 Series units here and tell us a spare battery (1500 mAh standard or a car for navigation also part of the TWD 13.900 ($ 435) package. So, you are excited or what?

Now that we have a good news from Nokia event in the London press, which is, of course, to be heard with our hands dirty Ovi updated maps as well. The preloaded map loading effect much faster than its counterpart in the network age, and hey, did we mention, free?

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TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition

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TomTom navigation system has another on its portfolio with the introduction of the TomTom XL 540 added Traveler World Edition.

The TomTom XL 540 World Traveler Edition includes maps of the United States, Europe and Canada, it is designed to work with people who will be traveling extensively around the world.

It comes with a 5-inch LCD screen and offers a wide range of features including built in the Map Share Guide and many other features, the rate of IQ, the best route is to plan for you and take into account the limits of speed and distance as well as a number of other factors, including the time of day.

The TomTom XL 540 World Traveler Edition goes on sale in the United States and Canada in December for about $ 350, although no details are available in Europe.

If you look at the events of Mio Technology GPS, you will be interested to know facts that are using PC World found on the offers the company’s future. According to MAG MiBuddy, the next version of the navigation unit of the electronics manufacturers satellite is the underlying architecture of Windows CE for the Google Android platform indent newer and much softer. The new device is increasingly in the field of EMF with 4.7-inch touchscreen with a sliding keyboard hardware, the ability to surf the Internet and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard. Call us crazy, but it seems possible that running the special devices, such as Android, the NDP could easily be adapted to be by revolution, at Google as their primary mode of operation. Alternatively, you can choose between the patented version of Mio and the change in Google … or is likely to ax G is large enough, even though it felt a lot less embarrassing for us. No word on timing or price yet, but we will keep you informed.

Telmap taps NAVTEQ for iPhone GPS solution

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Man, talk about the terrible weather. TomTom and Navigon at least a few rounds to sell their expensive iPhone GPS application before Google came and ruined day in the world (at least in the area of GPS), and now that Google Maps is just a pleasure to drive for over navigation iPhone users free, we have serious doubts about the ability of Telmap, the new product market. Using NAVTEQ maps and deposits family as MapQuest Navigation (USA) Maps and Orange (in France), the company seems proud of its past routing solutions. Oh, of course – no traffic in real time, turn-by-turn guidance in the auto and pedestrian mode, etc., but no one knows discount on a phone-based routing system, Google is now at the helm? Exactly.

TomTom XL 335S

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Tickets cost money to shave the people – and if you TomTom and tried a few dollars his latest navigation system, you can leave some out. Like, for example, maps of Mexico. It’s really the only difference we see between $ 239 335S XL XL340S announced today and announced in April, $ 249 – both have a screen of 4.3-inch touch screen and the usual quota of the map, IQ Routes and lane guidance functions, but the newcomer won not go south of the border. We live in the quieter spring, the truth – but if you are willing to dangerous, the 335S for sale.

TomTom XXL 540S and 530S standalone PNDs debut

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It is fair to say that we have the TomTom PND iPhone application independent marine environment have not seen her recently, but that does not mean that the development team of the company itself has given up. TomTom has its two newest models, the XL 540 and XL 530S, looks very familiar, 5-inch touch screen, maps of the United States and Canada, and the company itself IQ Routes intelligent control system.

According using IQ Routes – using historical data for road transport, to predict when and where traffic jams – Results of a short-haul and 35 percent of the time. We hope that this does not mean that travel is 65 percent longer than normal.

Meanwhile, the XL has 540 includes detailed maps, Mexico, seven million points of interest and another black finish housing. The TomTom XL 530S is at $ 280 price, while the XL is traded 540 at $ 300. Both go on sale in the United States and Canada next month.

We accept, understand the classes here at Engadget, and we prefer that Sunno S880 in no way less important than Idou smartphone from Sony Ericsson is similar. Let us instead on the fact that the Chinese company claims that the S880 between two Android and Windows Mobile operating system introduced by each ear, high-capacity 3.6-inch WVGA screen focus.

Other specifications for the ambitious to an 8-megapixel camera, WiFi and GPS are without the processor driving on all slopes, like a chip, 806MHz undetermined origin. After the Sunna, Chinese buyers in a position to S880 of 15 October meeting.

Even if a phone “dual boot”, switching between the smartphone operating system from Microsoft and Google seems crazy, it means that you can use the Windows Mobile business during working hours – after all, played exceptionally well with an Exchange server – and then turns the android ruthless during downtime. No word on price or the S880 may have cellular connectivity, but do not expect to see in Europe or North America, anyway.

Nokia Booklet 3G to cost $800?

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Brochure prices for 3G Nokia is so far not confirmed by the Finnish company themselves, but in conversation with sources NetbookNews is probably a device for $ 800. Only for special purposes, Nokia Atom processor is the tip for the Z530, a 1.6-GHz chip with 512 MB cache and 533MHz FSB, by now probably comparable with Atom N270 netbooks.

This still seems unlikely even claimed Nokia, 12 hours of battery life. Although the company did not even tell what kind of power hidden in the aluminum casing is the weight down to 1.25 and the plethora of options for wireless connectivity – including in the project No Wifi, 3G UMTS, Bluetooth and GPS – seems exceptionally large battery, which forced him to leave, more than a few of these radios and are still near that level have been the execution time.

Of course, you have serious about what we are economical with the next week with the Nokia surprise in the world, but also with its history of cell technology difficult to actually see the brochure 3G skip a generation of performance / commitment connectivity. Its strength is its distribution network and its familiarity with the types of schemes that are common on cell phones, and we have seen in experiments with 3G-equipped netbooks. If they successfully exploit that – and thus could lead to a reduction in the direct purchase price of $ 800 – then the list of 3G a chance.

Nokia N900 Rover Gets Official Snapshot

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There were many pictures of the Nokia N900, Rover, or if you prefer, at this time, but most of them is not only apparent, the “official” open. This kind of image that we all seek, especially when the alternative is “fuzzy” images from the camera. And here’s the official photo of the Nokia Internet Tablet, which would be an official launch date next week at Nokia World. But here’s the picture that we have waited less than a full keyboard, but shows a helmet impressive.

As mentioned above, Nokia’s next week and that’s where it is more or less formally as the N900 exhibited in abundance, and then with a ship date and other details relating to await decorated, how people can get their hands on this issue. What we do know is that the screen is about 3.5 cm, comes with GPS, an accelerometer, APN 5 megapixels and 32 GB of onboard memory.

But there is plenty to go around here, but it will not last long. Nokia World is just around the corner, and in relation to the Rover, we hope to show many different things. The things that consumers like and want to buy.

Nokia Booklet 3G Gets Live Images

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If you have had your head stuck under a rock today, you could see that Nokia has announced the next brochure, 3G Netbook. And if nothing is changed since the original entry by us, we can not go through live images from the camera a bit, and you can get an update on the facilities. Do not worry, be next week, SlashGear, in the case of Nokia in the world, where we will share all relevant information about new toy, Nokia.

The netbook itself, the love of the brochure 3G is about 1.25 kilograms weight, and only 2 cm thick with an aluminum frame. We know that with an Intel Atom, but so far we do not know the exact details of the processor is on his way out of 3G in the prospectus to make. The netbook features a 10.1-inch glass screen HD-ready and has an HDMI output for HD video playback. The body has 3 USB 2.0 ports and a fool, SD card. Bluetooth webcam is standard, and there is even a front view a video, after all your needs of Appeal.

The video shows very good things, and so we went and put your pleasure. It seems that Nokia is working in the opposite direction, such as Apple, Nokia, hopefully, but such a success in his new contract, such as Apple. The issue of what is on the right track. So stay tuned for Nokia World next week.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

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If the 2.5G 5530 XpressMusic is not used, and that has a lot to do with the NPD and quality 3G services to its new Nokia touchscreen, which last May to retain their attention. The Nokia 5800 is a navigational issue 5800, apart from some cosmetic corrections, and the packages with the Nokia car kit and the duration and the navigation on foot with the spoken instructions to IOV Maps.

The kit includes Nokia Car Charger (DC-4), Car Holder Pack (CR-103), spin-rotation adapter (AD-69) and Easy Mount (HH-17). Regarding the IOV cards The latest version includes delicacies such as aerial photo, topographic maps, reference and 3D dynamic updates such as weather and traffic updates.

Set to reach Q3 edition Nokia 2009 Navigation 5800 costs around € 284 ($ 404) in Europe, before taxes and subsidies. No word on if a U.S. version will support the U.S. 3G band, but since the success of sales 5800 XpressMusic seems a reasonable assumption.

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