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HD 5570

Sapphire Technology has announced the availability of new video cards AMD / ATI Radeon HD 5500 family, which is perfect for lightweight video computer games, multidisplay work and computer systems for home theater (HTPC). Especially interesting is the video card Radeon HD 5570 DisplayPort, since it has both DisplayPort connector as well as technology Eyefinity which allows simultaneous connection of up to neat three displays.

Graphics Card Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 DisplayPort to uses 650 megaherz core, which is produced by 40-nanometer technology and contains 627 million transistors and 400 processors combined, to convert the graphic forms . To store intermediate calculations there is gigabyte 900 megaherz  of GDDR3 memory. The core and graphics memory are connected via 128-bit bus.

Affordable Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 DisplayPort is  very friendly to environment and our wallets too, because at full load it uses only up to forty watts of electrical power and in stationary only just under ten watts. To purchase the latest video card company Sapphire must be deducted about $130.

BenQ V2220-thinnest LED screen ever

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BenQ announced the availability of the finest computer screen liquid crystal display and LED backlight so far as the “thickness” measures only 15 millimeters. Display with the sales description V2220 and 57-cm diagonal can praises itself with an incredible dynamic contrast ratio, which is an incredible 100 million to one.

BenQ V2220 screen with 16:9 aspect ratio produces quality images up to 1920 x 1080 points and is perfect for playing computer games, since response time is not more than five milliseconds. High luminance and contrast ratio allow its use in a slightly lighter areas. Viewing angle is more than excellent, it is 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

For connection to the computer system BenQ V2220 uses  these connectors: D-sub, DVI-D and HDMI. LED screen is relatively economical in electricity, because at full load consumes only 25 watts of electrical power. The world’s thinnest LED screen ever BenQ V2220 should be on European soil until spring arrived.

Samsungs Amoled transparent screen

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Amoled Screen

Samsung has pleasantly surprised the fair visitors to this year’s consumer electronics Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2010)  with the presentation of the concept of the first portable computer that is used to display images transparent screen AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode). As the innovative laptop receives many positive reviews, with the computer giant decided to be offered for sale within one year .

Currently it is known only that it will be built on an innovative screen transparent basis, allowing a journey of light in all directions, making the image visible on both sides. Innovative screen should allowe to 70 percent of visible light. In addition, AMOLED display will have many advantages compared to conventional LCD screens, namely thinness matrix, very bright colors and up to twenty times better contrast.

Although Samsung did not reveal the retail price of the first laptop computer with a transparent AMOLED display, it is expected that at least initially very expensive. Of course, there also remains an open question whether we are consumers willing to do this type of Notebooks.

NEC MultiSync PA241W

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I like the colors? We refer to what is really important we move into the faithful reproduction of the color of life on the monitor? Then you probably want an IPS panel, preferably to 99.3 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color gamut and a 100 per cent of the sRGB question. What – it would also be more room for those stupid new shows to 16:9 ratio – Yes, PA241W is 1200 pixels vertically within the work area to maneuver. A high contrast ratio of 1000:1, a brightness of 360 cd / m², response time of 8 ms and 178-degree viewing angle from the body on the sheet, while the pan and tilt ergonomic position, a USB hub, and the number DisplayPort connectivity predictable as extras. Less visible is the large 4-year parts and labor, but I want nothing less than $ 1080 fee splash on a monitor.

Yes, you can use a TV is bigger, but the happiness of finding a 150-inch OLED panel. In an effort to engage peacefully presumed superiority of the “other,” said Mitsubishi believes the unveiling of a 149-inch OLED TV at ISE 2010, which begins next week, seriously – but it must be said, we hope that you will not of modular units we saw at CEATEC. Unfortunately the native resolution of 1088 x 640 is just completely boring, but we try to focus on the positives here. In essence, would be something not very useful outside the world of digital display, but man, talk about the impact on the point that customer. So Mitsu – When will the 1080p version of 4K has been out?

Dell laptop computer and office queues can never take all the attention, but the size of the company is successful with LCD rivals in recent years. Not to remain a path of technical staff, the company now has its first WQHD Monitor: 27 inch UltraSharp U2711. With a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels animal can be seized only enough to monitor the camp alone swing. Dell trumpets as a one billion unit of depth, and IPS technology, and the reaction time of 6 ms, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, 350 cd / m² brightness, and a 12-bit internal pay for things. For professionals to meet the targets for editing photos or videos, you may well know, it has set a color gamut of 110 percent, factory Adobe RGB and sRGB modes (including a report of) the color calibration, the custom color and a handful of mounting options.

Also you can find all the ports known to man: HDMI 1.3, DisplayPort, DVI-D (x2), VGA, composite, component, USB (x4) and an 8-in-1 Multi-Reader. Of course the real beauty is nothing to write home about, but here it is for users who are affected less by the glass and the most real world performance pixels, determined. We had the opportunity to play with the new horse, and frankly, they were fascinated. Without a color calibrator in the house, we can not for those who need to see a lot of numbers and beams to determine whether the monitor is functioning properly speaking, but we can say that the group was very clear and precise and accurate – especially since our ( very popular) 24-inch 2408WFP, definitely. Be willing to participate in this next month with an MSRP of $ 1049.

Asus Designo LS246H LCD Monitor

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has a new LCD monitor I designate the range of style with the launch of Asus LS246H LCD Monitor Designo.

Designo The Asus LS246H has a 23.6-inch LCD screen LCD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and 16.7 million colors, plus it also has a touch control dial for adjusting settings.

Compounds in the form of HDMI and VGA, and as shown in the photo, the monitor against a stainless steel ring, which also comes with a 3.5-mm audio jack to be replaced.

No details yet probably go to the price of LCD Monitor Asus LS246H Designo, or in the sale.

NEC Eco-Friendly LCD Monitor

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NEC has presented its first LED-backlit 22 “workers’ control objective is also easier to control the environment day. EA222WMe The NEC is approximately 20% more efficient than other manifestations of the same brightness.

The LED display a brightness of 250cd/m2 establishes a dynamic contrast ratio of 30000:1 (1000:1 static) and comes with a ms response time of 5.

Intouch IT1750 Wireless Internet Frame

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InTouch has a new digital picture frame that comes with a variety of features launched InTouch wireless Internet IT1750 frame.

InTouch wireless Internet IT1750 frame your photos, which are based as part of the image on WiFi or USB connection can be charged, plus it can display news, weather display, and a number of social media.

InTouch wireless Internet IT1750 frame has a 7-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 and aspect ratio of 16:9, it is a virtual QWERTY keyboard and support functions to Internet radio with access to up to generally only 24,000 years of Internet radio stations.

InTouch IT1750 Marco sh0rtly Wireless Internet is available for $ 300.

Panasonic’s 50-inch 1080p 3D plasma spotted

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In this passage, 50-inch Panasonic Plasma 3D longer consider himself to the fight, but you see how much they hyped the technology behind it, could not miss the opportunity to have their eyes on him starting for a while at CEATEC. The 1080p panel is remarkably thin (or assembled, to give this impression), and the angles were fantastic. The glasses were provided Panny but relatively boring () no wonder. Note that the actual events far from his face, can the same with real glass in the 3D experience without feeling sympathy, how frustrating, giving them a blue border of Nice, which wants to leave to the suburbs. As the image quality, the G-Force Demo seemed rather impressive, with the perceived depth and easy to beat fast-moving action on perfection. We are however problems with the adoption in a family with four seats and use of these lenses for a two-hour presentation, but hey, we’re not giving up the marketing team at the moment.

Nano update their route under MIMO USB LCD displays with a new kind of travel easy. The 710-S NanoVision MIMO “Mobile Slide” remains the same, 800 x 480 7-inch LCD screen, the current range, but with a new pair of pliable bridge ft torque, which can be used to display the screen during transport.

This makes sense, because this mini-show could be more meaningful if so a little more real estate on the screen of a laptop. Connection via USB and use of the quasi-link display monitor instead of a computer graphics card, the 710-S 350 cd/m2 brightness, and features a contrast ratio of 500:1.

Power and data are kindly provided a dual head USB cable (although we have found in our investigation of the models that the two leaves are not always necessary, depending on the performance of the USB port), but no signal from a camera or Web version with a touchscreen. The 710-S NanoVision MIMO “Mobile Slide” USB is the price of $ 150.

Sharp, Sony announce LCD joint venture deal

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In an interesting move, Sharp and Sony have today signed a joint venture company will merge in the quest for the manufacture and sale of LCD panels.

Apparently the 29. comes December, Sony injection of 105 million U.S. dollars in Sharp products in an effort to display a breakdown of the rate of 66 percent, Sharp and Sony by 34 percent. The agreement provides that Mars is 10 in the next year, the final outcome is determined mainly by 32-inch LCD. Sony is currently using LCD panels from AU Optronics, it will be interesting to see what moves the effects of other companies.

Century, have an update for its range of LCD USB companion in the form of LCD Plus One-8000UD. Apparently identical, in December last year in the function of the LCD-8000U, 8-inch display 800 x 600 now offers a USB and DVI.

Moreover, now that the port you can use the flexibility of using a USB connection to the virtual link display graphics card or the effects of a normal DVI CPU. Although the secondary display link does not necessarily mean that the video output, allowing it to connect the necessary software can be enough machines to slow down.

This also means that the LCD 8000UD is Plug & Play compatible with all machines that have a DVI port rather than requiring software installation. Plus One Century Japan LCD-8000UD is in August at a price of around 16,500 yen (175 $).

Development of business partnerships in advance of the opening of the eponymous Plastic Logic ebook reader, with the marketing success of the Amazon Kindle DX suggests that it is a large-scale e – paper, and a segment of the AU Optronics seems ready to shoot . According to Chen, CEO of LJ, the ramps to 10-inch and A4 (8 x 11 inches) by the size of the e-Paper plates.

The company will continue to be big 6-9-inch panels, electronic paper, which is the transmission of mass Q3 from the 2009th These are the cells or in the versions of the touch panel pen and finger and on the basis of the fifth generation production lines AUO.

The dispatch of e-tags – on a smaller e-paper is used to dynamically change the fees and transit countries of the labels in the retail sector and in other areas – have already begun, with the fourth generation of equipment for the manufacture of AUO. The company reported a net loss in its financial report Q209 with income of NT $ 82.5bn ($ 2.51bn), but the loss of NT $ 6.6bn ($ 201m). In June showed AUO 6 inches, Dual Screen eBook Reader with capacitive touch screens.

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