Misconceptions about SEO

For those who have a sound knowledge about SEO, it is considered a sophisticated and technical approach. However not everyone is an advocate of SEO. Some misinformed web owners and online advertisers still fall victim to misleading information about SEO. Here some of the things that inexperienced people complains about SEO.

1. Tried using SEO once and it did not work.

Search engine optimization is not an overnight project or a one-time thing that you will do and you can expect real monetary gain immediately.

Once you have established SEO, you need to exert an effort to maintain because links degrade and new search algorithms might be developed. If you stop right after you have started, your competitors would get ahead of you and you will be back to square one SEO is a continuous process and you need to keep up.

2. The magic keyword had lost its power.

Although SEO works with keywords it does not mean that, the only reason why your website will end up in the first rank is if you have included a magical keyword. The success of SEO is not dependent on a single word.

keywordsIn most cases, long tail keywords end up sending more traffic to a website compared to a single keyword. For instance, if your company is selling pillows, if you type the word pillow it will only send a fraction of the entire traffic that your website will get. On the other hand, if you use a long tail keyword like where to buy customized pillow online, then you might end up with more traffic. The reason behind it is that when people look for things online, they tend to use words with a more focused intent. If your website is able to match it then you will have a bigger chance of getting more relevant and better traffic to your website.

3. SEO is bad manipulation and offer misleading information.

On the contrary, SEO guides web searchers to the page that really contains the information they are looking for. Yes, the work includes minimal manipulation but that is only to increase the site’s visibility.

seoReal SEO results in better browsing experience by creating contents that meet users’ needs. By improving its site architecture and user experience, the web page is also able to increase its accessibility. SEO also helps search engines categorize contents and be able to serve them to the right audience.

Result manipulation is not bad if it helps web users find the information that they need. It is even beneficial for web searches because SEO makes it easier to look for the things that they need.

However, there are times that SEO is involved with bad manipulation tricks. Bad SEO manipulation could happen because of low quality SEO. There could be loopholes in the algorithms or SEO strategies that can cause a lot of bad or spam traffic to a website. This is why if your SEO is not done properly, it could damage your site reputation instead of promoting it.

4. For as long as you have web content then you can do away without the help of SEO.

content-writingGood web content is very important to be able to attract web visitors. The thing about it though is that your high quality articles and excellent web design is useless if people do not know about it.

You can expect that after a few shares of your web site URL then you can rest and hope that valuable users will find them. If you are serious about keeping your site a success and keeping it at that then you definitely need help from best service provider, to know more about it visit ny seoexplode.

You cannot expect to earn the amount of traffic you need without the aid of SEO. SEO may not be the sole responsible for a web site or company’s success but it definitely helps a lot.

5. SEO is fraud.

This idea probably stems from small business owners or new web site owners who had been offered SEO service by online scammers. When you go online, you can expect a lot of offers. It is the same with the real world, some people would sell you things that they do not even have.

However, this does not mean that it is the same for everyone. SEO is a real thing and it really works if done properly and consistently. One bad experience with SEO should not discourage you.

You just have to be careful whom to trust to handle the search engine optimization of your site. Unethical marketing can happen anywhere.

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